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These beautiful hot sauces are some of our all time favorites. Made in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, this has been a staple in our home for years.



"Named after the town I grew up in (about a hundred miles north of Hatch, NM), this red sauce begins with dried NM chiles and is taken in the direction of fresh lemon juice, fresh yellow chiles and radishes to bring it into a somewhat distinct locale. Our second hottest offering behind Piri"

Ingredients: White wine vinegar, onion, dried chiles, fresh lemon juice, salt, cane sugar, chiles, radishes, spices, citric acid, xanthan gum


"Bonache's flagship sauce was inspired by the general style of hot sauces found in abundance in Belize, all of which seem to use a wonderful trio as their base: carrots, habaneros, and lime juice. This guy comes in at a 6-7 on a heat scale of 1-10."

Ingredients: white wine vinegar, chile, pepper, fresh lime juice, carrots, salt, cane, sugar, spices, xantham gum, citric acid


"Hatch is a bright and flavorful green sauce to use with practically everything. With a healthy dose of tomatillo, fresh lime juice, and cucumber to supplement the classic flavor of the mighty and famous Hatch chile, this sauce is the mildest of the group coming in at a 3-4 out of 10 on the heat scale.

Ingredients: white wine vinegar, hatch chiles, fresh lime juice, peppers, tomatillos, cucumber, onion, salt, cane sugar, spices, xantham gum, citric acid

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