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Flake salt is the queen of the salt world. What makes it unusual is that these crystals are large and beautiful (they are the pieces of broken crystal pyramids!), but also extremely delicate. This salt works wonderfully as a finishing salt on top of a dish, as it adds a truly beautiful visual touch. Try it on your chocolate chip cookies, bruschetta, brownies, fresh tomato or just about anything that wants a pop of crystal goodness!

In addition, what makes our flake salt unusual in the world of flake salts is that as far as we know, every other flake salt in the world is made by boiling seawater in a very precise way, which as you could guess, is extremely energy intensive! In fact it can take up to 2 lbs of liquid fuel (often propane) to make 1 lb of boiled sea salt. However, like with all of our other salts, our flake salt is 100% evaporated by sunshine, with no fans, heaters or boiling. We hope you enjoy this new product that we have been loving!

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