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I eat a lot of hot sauce, it is one of the ways my taste buds have changed most drastically as I've aged (I used to hate it). And this beautiful hot sauce, made by my childhood friend Caroline Ross is one of the best I've eaten in the last couple years. It is just the right amount of warming, with a gorgeous color and a texture that is just perfect. And it is salted with our sea salt! Caroline now lives in San Francisco, which is where she makes this lovely product, but she is still an island girl at heart, and you can find her hot sauce on the table at many island restaurants!

"Lomalita's signature is a habanero blend hot sauce. It has a strong, yet approachable spice level. Try it on tacos, eggs, sandwiches, pizza, and more!

Ingredients: carrots, peppers, vinegar, water, lime juice, garlic, onion, san juan island sea salt

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Local sea salt proudly made with love in

 Friday Harbor, Washington

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