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Heat lovers rejoice! This product is a celebration of spice, and of the continually evolving race to find the world's hottest pepper. This is our sea salt mixed with organically grown Scorpion Chili Peppers. For a while the Scorpion Chili, from Trinidad and Tobago, was ranked as the world's hottest pepper. It has since been eclipsed but we haven't stopped loving it. The wonderful thing about the Scorpion Chili is that it's not just hot, its also fruity and a little sweet so it has a wonderful depth of flavor. We mixed our sea salt with just the right amount of Scorpion Chili to give you the perfect heat, not overwhelming, not boring. We've been putting it on everything from pasta to fresh cucumbers to margarita rims! Long live the Scorpion Chili!

Ingredients: Sea salt, Organic Scorpion Chili

Net wt: 5 oz.

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