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Inspired by my life long love of all things tart and tangy, this product is the perfect blend of two of our fundamental tastes, sour and salty. We love using it on tomato bruschetta, fried padrone peppers, salmon, and as a margarita glass rimmer.

If you are thinking, I don't really like sour things and I can't imagine actively trying to add sourness to a dish, just remember that any time you are using vinegar, you are adding acidity, or sourness. This is why the sour salt works so great in tomato bruschetta. Bruschetta usually calls for vinegar, and you can still put some in, but just by using olive oil and sour salt you can get just as much wonderful flavor...

This is the second product in our elemental series of salts: salty salt (our natural sea salt), sour salt, sweet salt (coming up), bitter salt (coming up) and umami salt (coming up).

Ingredients: sea salt, citric acid.

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