We think that honey is about the 2nd coolest thing in the world.  Or maybe tied for 1st. We keep about 25  beehives here on the island and are proud to sell a beautiful raw, local honey from their efforts.  Our honey is a wildflower mix, likely made from nectars including but not limited to clover, blackberry, hawthorn, lavender and wild mustard although I have seen our bees working flowers from at least 40 different species of plants!
In addition to our own San Juan Island Honey, we have a wholesale brand of honey called Upper Left Honey, this is honey we buy and package from other local NW Washington beekeepers and you can find it in stores throughout the NW.
NOTE: Both  our honey brands are raw, which                                                                             means they are unheated and only minimally filtered. What this means for the honey is that from                                                                                  the minute we pour it into the jars it has begun the slow, beautiful transformation towards the solid                                                                                     state (i.e. crystallization). So when you order honey from us in Winter or Spring, you may find                                                                                      that the honey is cloudy or already solid. This is the natural state of affairs. We believe that                                                                                           letting honey express itself and being willing to enjoy the different stages of its maturation                                                                                              will make your relationship with honey happier and deeper!